This house consists of 2 apartments with space for 14 people.  The house is centrally located, just a short walk from the pedestrian area, harbour and only 1.5km from a lovely beach. 

Apartment 1 is on the ground floor and basement and is bright and welcoming with a little kitchen, large family room, bathroom and 1 bedroom on the ground floor.  In the basement, there is a newly renovated bathroom as well as 3 bedrooms.

Apartment 2 is on the first floor and is also bright and welcoming with a kitchen, little family room with dining area and sofa bed, 2 bedrooms and bathroom and toilet. 

Outside is 500m2 of garden and terrace with the possibility to sit undisturbed and enjoy the sun on the terrace. 


Parking on the street in front of the house or in the driveway is allowed.




AWeeks 27+29+30Kr.16000,00
BWeeks 26+28+31+32Kr.14500,00
CWeeks 23-25 + 33-35Kr.12000,00
DWeeks 1-22 + 36-52Kr.9000,00
Half-weeks Kr. 5500,00