Nordboferie is a local agency that has existed since 2005. It was established by Lotte and Bo Meyer who ran the agency until autumn 2018.

In September 2018, Mette Friis took over the operation of Nordboferie. Mette Friis also operates MF Service Skagen, which provides services, e.g. cleaning, to about 200 summerhouse owners in the town of Skagen. In addition, MF Service provides services involving many different tasks to about 800 private and business clients in Skagen.

Mette Friis established a rental operation in 2017 under the name Friis Ferieudlejning, and has now gathered all the operations under Nordboferie.

We are developing Nordboferie on the basis of our experience we have gained over time in the service industry. We have taken the best with us and added new services where the opportunity has shown itself.

We have a clear objective that, renting through Nordboferie, will involve both peace of mind and certainty.

Nordboferie is the good and personal alternative to the “big players”. Cooperation between tenants and our agency is a priority.

Kind regards,
Mette Friis & Co.